The name ZURDO (left-handed)
comes from the personal experience
of the founder

“When I was a little boy I had some trouble to open doors… but their design was perfect. When I used the scissors, it felt wrong… but their ergonomic design was perfect… So, as I grew older I realized what it meant to be left-handed.

Sometimes even the simplest things were difficult for me to do. I realized the world around me was built and design for the right-handed. But… where was the other side? Thus I figure out that all problems have a solution, it only depends on the side that you are looking the problem from. This way I am able to apply my personal experience to architecture and identify problems that are not really problems, their solution depends on where you are standing. Once you identify your stance, everything has a solution.”

We are an Architecture studio focused on design, planning, managing, and execution.

We help to find a solution for specific life styles through architecture. We use avant gard tools to represent ideas conceived in your imagination to make them come to life. Through the correct planning any idea can be brought to life.